November 29, 2016 Carly Rospert

Won’t You Be Our Neighbor…hood Partner?

One of the principles on which we built our approach is “Start with a neighborhood, start with the school.” Doing this strengths-based work in a community setting is new and innovative; we knew we could not tackle all of Greater Cincinnati on the first try. We opted to start first with the smaller scale of a neighborhood as a learning lab for coordinated character strength application. And to catalyze the neighborhood-wide effort, partner with a school where significant character strength work is already happening.

Based on the amazing work happening with Thriving Learning Communities in the school and the deep relationships with the community forged through the Community Learning Center structure, JP Parker in Madisonville was one of the schools we were highly interested in pursuing as a potential implementation neighborhood for the Strong Cincinnati initiative.

kim-mackAfter a meeting with Kim Mack (principal to the right), and Pam Knox, resource coordinator at JP Parker, it was obvious that the Strong Cincinnati initiative and neighborhood of Madisonville were a perfect fit. We are really excited about our partnership with John P Parker and they are excited too! We plan to co-convene a group of Madisonville partners with JP Parker to further discuss the initiative in early January. It is our hope that utilizing a their parent and business ambassador program that we will be able to dive deeper into our work with the schools and extend it beyond the classroom and into the neighborhood with the help of residents and local businesses!

It’s easy to say that there is much to look forward to in 2017! If you’re looking to get involved- and we hope that you are! Please email us!

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