January 31, 2017 Carly Rospert

What’s Next For Strong Cincinnati

At our Jan. 11th Madisonville Partners meeting, community members started to brainstorm how character strengths could positively impact the Madisonville community. We are continuing to help build those ideas by individually meeting with Madisonville residents and partners from Madisonville organizations to better understand their project ideas.  We are also hosting a series of character strength ‘meet-ups’ around the neighborhood to help neighbors explore their own strengths and how to use them to create positive change in their personal and professional lives.

In February, we will be hosting two follow-up community workshops focused on dig deeper into ideas for character strengths projects.  We will ask all participants to bring their ideas and use a process of collectively refining and building key project ideas. These ideas will be shared with the Madisonville community and implemented in the following months.

Stay up to date with the exciting work in Madisonville by following our Facebook page and events: www.facebook.com/StrongCincinnati.

We are also looking for mentors to connect with Madisonville residents/organizations who are leading a character strength project.  If you have expertise you could share, especially around character strengths, please email Carly Rospert at Rospert.carly@mayersonacademy.org

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