The flags open an avenue for conversation. Everybody wants to know what the flags mean and what they are there for!
Aprill Hudlin-Jones, Parent
The flags are an everyday reminder to encourage us to help others.
Mr. Bennett, Teacher

Strong Strides

Project Leads: Ginny Jefferson; Bonara Reynolds; Patty Blanchard

The strengths of Madisonville residents are reinforced everyday by colorful flags, t-shirts and stenciled sidewalks, thanks to the Strong Strides team. Project leads Ginny Jefferson, Bonara Reynolds, and Patty Blanchard are uplifting the community through positive displays of the character strengths that they believe are present in Madisonville.  Over the summer, Strong Strides worked closely with teachers, parents, and students of John P Parker School to create 12 flags that are now flown in front of the school and are used at events across the community. Each flag displays two different strengths with accompanying artwork designed by students. To date, over 400 people have seen the flags fly. Seeking to expand the impact of Strong Strides beyond the school, Ginny and her team of volunteers also painted strengths on all four corners of the highly trafficked intersection of Madison and Whetsel. Each art installation is still spurring conversation today and has provided a common language for community members to connect with one another.