We participated in other local area markets this spring, but are most delighted at the long-needed prospect of a Madisonville farmers market, and would love to participate as a vendor this year or next.
Swelled Creek Farms
I am a local vendor and I sell homemade hot sauces, preserves, jams, butters, etc. Thank you so much for asking us to be a part of Simply Fresh Market. I look forward to it.
Jerry Hinkle

Simply Fresh Farmers Market

Project Leads: Kathy Garrison; Terri Henry-Hayden

Madisonville is a food desert, which means neighborhood residents don’t have nearby access to a grocery store with fresh food options. Focused on increasing healthy food options for residents, project leads Kathy Garrison and Terri Henry-Hayden established Simply Fresh Market, a local strengths-based farmers market. The market provides a place for the Madisonville community to sell and purchase fresh goods at affordable prices, learn tips for preserving food, and spark conversation around building character strengths among neighbors. To date, the market has hosted two events, reaching over 50 community residents. This is just the beginning for the Simply Fresh Market. Kathy and Terri are seeking partnerships that will make the market a sustainable venue to build healthy eating habits and community connections through strengths.