Madisonville is an amazing community made up of equally amazing neighbors and local organizations. What if we could activate our strengths in our neighbors to create more connected, engaged and empowered Madisonville residents?

Madisonville residents worked with Strong Cincinnati staff and local partners to develop projects aimed at making Madisonville the strongest community it can be by activating strengths within themselves and their neighbors.  After a community voting process, 5 projects were chosen to be implemented over the next 6 months!

Madisonville Strengths Projects

Madisonville is considered a “food desert,” which means residents do not have healthy food options and fresh produce readily available within the neighborhood.  Simply Fresh Farmers Market will help address this issue by creating a strengths-based venue for local growers and artisans to sell their goods. The market will visually reflect Madisonville’s character strengths through customized signage, visuals, and materials.

To get involved, contact Terri Henry-Hayden at or Kathy Garrison at  Follow the Market on Facebook.

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An abundance of positive messages can help reinforce the strengths of a community.  That’s the vision of Strong Strides, which will instill pride and positivity in Madisonville by installing student-designed strength-based flags and crosswalks in the community. These positive messages will bring together Madisonville residents from all backgrounds to recognize the strengths that exist within each individual and the entire community.

To get involved, contact Ginny Jefferson at

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Madisonville is home to several empty, abandoned lots that, when viewed through a different lens, have the potential to be thriving community spaces.  Abandoned Lots to Pocket Parks will redesign several of these blighted areas throughout Madisonville into pockets of creativity and strengths that represent the surrounding community. The result will be new community spaces that capture the essence of what’s best about its residents – their strengths!

To get involved, contact Alex Smith at

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Most cooking classes are expensive and inaccessible for kids and lower income families.  But when food education is accessible to adults and youth from all backgrounds, it has the potential to positively impact the health, happiness and resilience of residents. Madisonville Cooks will provide innovative, strengths-based cooking education for Madisonville youth and adults. Participants will walk away with food for their families, new cooking skills, increased awareness of their own strengths, and friendships formed through food.

To get involved, contact Kristen St. Clair at  Follow Madisonville Cooks on Facebook.

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There is a unique opportunity in Madisonville to better connect people across generations and differences.  Curiosity through Chess will help facilitate connections, specifically with older Madisonville residents and youth by breaking down stereotypes they may have about one another through the game of chess and strengths-based conversations. The movable chess tables will activate spaces to be places that promote curiosity, safety, strengths, and connection in the community.

To get involved, contact Toni Tanks at

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