August 20, 2018 Carly Rospert

Now it’s your turn!

We spent an amazing year in Madisonville working with neighbors to positively impact their community. We had the opportunity to form deep relationships with inspiring individuals and watch them grow into true community leaders. Though we tried to share these stories along the way, the real impact comes in the work of it. Because of this, we wanted to share our process and learnings to inspire neighborhood leaders or organizations to build a similar initiative in their communities.


We’d like to introduce the new Strong Cincinnati Community Guide!

After reflecting on the Madisonville process and wanting to share the learning, we are releasing Building Communities Through Strengths, a guide to activate community change. The new guide shares the full story of how Strong Cincinnati was implemented in Madisonville, reflects on the lessons learned through the process, and provides resources and recommendations for empowering other communities to activate change.

The guide is organized into six key steps that are critical to leading strengths-based community impact and is packed with linked templates and tips. With the release of this guide, Mayerson Academy is seeking to partner with additional Cincinnati neighborhoods to expand the impact of Strong Cincinnati.

Want to bring this work to your community? Contact us at!

Check out the guide and make sure to download the FREE pdf for full access to all the linked resources here: