December 4, 2017 Carly Rospert

Madisonville Strong Celebration

It’s time to Celebrate!

A year ago, Strong Cincinnati embarked on an initiative to answer the question: “What if we could activate the strengths in our neighbors to create more connected, engaged, and empowered residents?” We worked the community of Madisonville to dream up and implement five projects aimed at making Madisonville the strongest community it can be by activating strengths within residents and across the neighborhood.

Fast forward to a year and five successful resident-led projects later, and we have a lot to celebrate! Through the Strong Cincinnati initiative and the hard work of the Madisonville strengths project teams, more than 500 community members and 30 organizations came together to:

  • Deliver a strengths-based youth and adult cooking course
  • Transform unused space into three new strengths-based pocket parks
  • Launch of a strengths-based farmer’s market
  • Exhibit positive strengths messages on flags and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood
  • Install five new chess tables and chess sets with strengths-based conversation starters
  • Host two chess and strengths education sessions
  • Hold a neighborhood-wide strengths scavenger hunt

We are so in awe of the Madisonville community. To accomplish so much in such a short amount of time through the passion and commitment of neighbors and volunteers is both incredible and celebration-worthy!