December 27, 2016 Jesse Brumbaugh

Love of Life and Music

Each morning at the Academy of World Languages (AWL) students and faculty pause for two minutes, focus inward, and tune their inner-self to the sounds of classical overtures being played over the loudspeakers. Each day, partnered schools incorporate mindfulness practices and character strength application in their morning announcements. That’s what Mindful Music Moments have been working towards with schools and have received some very positive results from their work.

It’s been almost a year (as of January 4th) since the program began. Starting as an idea to share world-class music with students to help them relax and focus in the moment and on the music. Incorporating music-prompted mindfulness, along with character strength practices have shown to balance and create a unique culture for participating schools. The program started with 500 students and 90 faculty members music-momentsparticipating on the first day and has since reached over 8,000 students and over 2,000 teachers and staff. The focus was to have students find balance and to educate them:

 “The power of Mindful Music Moments was immediately clear. Students and teachers alike found respite in the morning music, and the effects of the calming and focusing ritual lasted throughout the day.”- Stacy Sims Founder of Mindful Music Moments

Within a year, Mindful Music Moments has created a culture around character strengths and self-focus. In more than 30 schools and associations.  They have partnered with 10 non-profit arts and/or social service organizations to expose more students to music-prompted mindfulness.  It will be exciting to watch how things unfold as they look to grow and expand. For more information on Mindful Music Moments please click here…

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