February 15, 2018 Carly Rospert

Let’s Get Down to the [impact] Data!

In December, we celebrated the completion of the five strengths projects in Madisonville and we knew the impact of this work was significant. Now the data is in and we have even more to celebrate!

The Strong Cincinnati initiative aimed to foster a more connected community and empower individual neighbors to create positive community change by activating their strengths and the strengths of neighbors. How did we do?

In terms of creating community connections, Strong Cincinnati and the leaders of the 5 strengths projects engaged over 500 individuals and 30 local businesses in the effort!  When surveyed, 95% of Madisonville residents involved in the initiative reported an increase in their awareness of the strengths inherent in their community and 78% reported stronger connections to their community.

The impact goes even deeper for residents who led a strengths project. Project leaders reported increases in their leadership capacity, confidence, and self-efficacy. When surveyed, 100% of project leaders reported a greater connection to the community and a greater sense of purpose.

Numbers are nice, but what we are most proud of is the way this initiative impacted people’s lives. Here are a few things we’ve heard from Madisonville residents:

You hear things all the time about developments or projects happening in Madisonville, but nothing ever happens.  This is the first time I’ve actually seen projects completed like they said they would, and they were led by regular people, our neighbors!”

This was great opportunity for Madisonville and I’m glad there were members of the community willing to come together as one to make it all worth it and to better understand each other’s values thru strengths.”

I am thankful for a program that allows me to grow, learn and recognize that if we look beyond the negatives we will all find our strengths.”

Thanks for opening our community to the possibility that we do all possess something we can share.”

The impact doesn’t stop there! The most impressive change was brought about by the individual strengths projects and their devoted leaders and teams. Check out the impact of each project by clicking on an image below.


This impact was only possible through the dedication and passion of the resident-led project teams and the entire Madisonville community. We are so grateful to the Madisonville community for welcoming us into the neighborhood and showing us that a small group of passionate people can make an incredible impact.