November 29, 2016 Carly Rospert

Keeping Up With Strong Cincinnati!

Co-authored with Jesse Brumbaugh

There are some big changes on the way! Strong Cincinnati recently had a meeting so we could hear from you and gain your input on some of the shifts we have been working on. We discussed Strong Cincinnati’s new strategy and the direction that we are excited to be heading in. Part of that direction will be extending strength based learning and application from the classroom into communities. Strong Cincinnati is thrilled to announce that John P. Parker Elementary located in Madisonville will  be a partner with us moving forward. Over the next year, in step with Madisonville, we will be working towards spreading awareness of character strengths and their application to activate strength-based work in the community.

Another part of Strong Cincinnati’s meeting earlier this month, was to share an update on the progress of the Strong Cincinnati initiative and got input from the Strong Cincinnati committee on how to best move forward. The direction of the initiative is based on three key principles:

  1. Start with a neighborhood, start with the school
  2. Empower residents
  3. Connect expertise

In this approach, we will start with a school that has already successfully embedded character strengths through the Thriving Learning Communities work. Through school and neighborhood connections, we hope to uncover and empower individuals and organizations in the neighborhood who have ideas on how to transform their neighborhood using character strengths. To strengthen the projects and support implementation, we will connect the neighborhood projects to mentors from across the city.

The projects will be implemented across the neighborhood, along with community awareness projects and strategic communications campaigns, all aimed at increasing efficacy and sense of purpose in the neighborhood. We will also be looking to see if this concentrated approach (exposure to character strengths in multiple ways) accelerates the impact on individuals in the neighborhood.


We received input from the committee in the following areas:

1. Neighborhood Engagement

2. Character Strength Projects

3. Mentoring

4. Evaluation of Impact

We will be continuing to reach out to this group for feedback and input as we move the work forward.[/fusion_text]

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