June 25, 2017 Carly Rospert

Growing Initiative, Growing Team: Welcome Aiesha!

To foster strong, connected communities through the activation of strengths within individuals, organizations and neighborhoods, we must constantly engage the members of the Madisonville community in all that we do. Strong Cincinnati began with the idea that residents or workers in Madisonville will drive the direction of the initiative by developing project ideas, selecting projects to be funded, and leading project implementation. The energy and initiative from the community has been absolutely incredible and we want to do everything we can to keep that momentum going.

To help us ensure every Madisonvillian has a place and a voice in the initiative and to build deeper relationships with community partners and residents, our tiny team is expanding to include Aiesha White as the Communications and Community Engagement Consultant!  Aiesha is a life-long resident of Madisonville with deep family roots in this incredible community.  Her passion and love for her community is palpable. She is bursting with excitement for the opportunity to help residents highlight and leverage the many strengths of Madisonville. In this position, she will raise awareness of the ways in which Madisonville cultivates loving neighbors and welcomes diversity to create a truly unique community.

Why is Aiesha such a great fit?  Aside from her deep connection to the Madisonville community and passionate energy for her neighbors, Aiesha is also a 5th and 6th grade teacher at Westwood School. Her experience as an educator will lend nicely to her role of Communications and Community Engagement Consultant:

“As an educator, I have seen the power and influence that a supportive community has on the development of children. I have seen parents demand safe, comfortable spaces for their children to grow and youth take the initiative to change the culture of their community.  These stories fuel me in my community engagement work. I will leverage the residents’ enthusiasm to continue to raise awareness about the wonderful growth happening in Madisonville.”

-Aiesha White

In her role, Aiesha will engage Madisonville community members, manage communications and raise awareness for the Strong Cincinnati initiative. She will also leverage her top five VIA character strengths, which are:

  • Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
  • Gratitude
  • Curiosity
  • Love
  • Creativity

We are so excited to have Aiesha join the team!