My time working with members of the Madisonville Youth Council on the Curiosity through Chess project was a powerful way to reconnect with my family’s own history in the neighborhood and a tremendous reminder of the power that comes from bringing together leaders of all ages to learn and work together for community impact.
Colin Groth

Curiosity Through Chess

Project Leads: Rosemary ‘Toni’ Tanks; Madisonville Youth Community Council

Many Madisonville residents feel that the neighborhood is losing its sense of community and connectedness. Project lead Rosemary (Toni) Tanks of the Madisonville Youth Community Council  saw an opportunity to bridge this gap through the game of chess and the framework of character strengths. Curiosity through Chess hosted three events that brought together over 90 Madisonville residents to learn and play chess. These events, called chess clinics, built strengths such as teamwork, kindness and zest by bringing together community members who typically do not interact with one another and encouraging conversations about each other’s strengths. More than 30 youth and adult volunteers and six businesses supported the implementation of this project, from building chess tables to installing them around the neighborhood. Looking ahead, Curiosity through Chess has already secured two new chess locations for this coming summer and has started discussions around the community to continue the momentum for years to come.