November 29, 2016 Strong Cincinnati Contributor

CPS Teachers Take on Strengths … and Pass It Forward!

Getting the word out about how to use character strengths every day can be a challenge for us all. Imagine trying to get that done in 45 minutes a week to a group of 9-11 year olds!

Cincinnati Public School teachers leading 5th/6th grade Advisory classes have been using lessons from Mayerson Academy’s Thriving Learning Communities program to promote strengths language and usage with their students. Typically, lessons are held once a week for 45 minutes – which is not a lot of time to convey the value of using strengths!

Strengths-based learning moved to a new level on November 10th when seven teachers facilitated new learning for their peers in a two-hour professional development session: TLC Advisory for Champions. Challenging the notion that learning about strengths only occurred in Advisory, this group of teachers offered to share their creativity and expertise, diving into specific strategies that can be used in the classroom. The session offered six different strengths-usage topics, including:cps-photo

  • Creative Uses for Strengths Journals
  • Games to Promote Strengths and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Minding Your Numbers: Managing Math Anxiety
  • Strengths Integration in ELA
  • Embedding Strengths in Science Curriculum
  • Visual Aids to support Community-Building and Strengths Language.


The response from the 20 participants was unanimously enthusiastic, including:

“I love having the opportunity to hear from other teachers and their experiences.”

“It was great having a meeting that focuses on positive things about or students.”

“One thing I really liked about today’s session was teaching other teachers about incorporating the strengths into science.”

At Mayerson, we’re eager to watch these teachers grow their own strengths of love of learning, curiosity, and creativity as they begin creating classrooms infused with strengths language all day long!

The Thriving Learning Communities program was recently featured in EdWeek! Check it out here!


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