December 27, 2016 Jesse Brumbaugh

Character Strengths Beyond the Classroom

Each week in the 5th and 6th grade classrooms of John P Parker and other schools in CPS, students are learning and focusing on character strengths and how to use those components to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. Cerriah, one of many 5th graders at John P Parker has been seeing some exceptionally positive outcomes from the work being done through the TLC program.

“That’s why I love this because it changed me! I had to get better on my attitude,” Cerriah confesses. “ Some of the kids didn’t like me because I got mad a lot. My teacher said I cant be like that my whole life so I changed my attitude.”

Social and emotional learning concepts are a focus with the TLC program. Students like Cerriah are learning about their own character strengths and hone that knowledge to develop practical applications in class and every day life. Cerriah isn’t alone either; it’s becoming a school wide “awakening” at John P Parker as Pam Knox phrased it. Gaining a better sense of self has allowed for students to build stronger relationships, which in turn have built a unique community within John P Parker where students and teachers better understand one another.

The overall success of the character strength teachings hasn’t stopped at the 5th and 6th grade classrooms either. Some of the exercises are being shared with their Community Learning Center partners in hopes of creating a strong relationship with the community and the transformation going on at the school. This is just the first step of involving the larger community of Madisonville in the excitement that’s going on at John P Parker.

jp-parker-9524 Strong Cincinnati aims to be those next steps in how Madisonville incorporates characters strengths into the fabric of the community. Over the course of the next couple of months, we will be planning and shaping what 2017 will look like. The anticipation is building on both ends and we couldn’t be more exited for what the future has in stock for us!

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