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Carly Rospert

Carly wants to live in a world where collaborative ideas come together for the greater good, people’s kindness and happiness are valued above all, and where teleportation is the primary form of transportation.

As a passionate creative with community development, education reform, and organizational learning experience, she leads the Strong Cincinnati initiative with one eye on equity and the other on learning. She provides strategic direction and a healthy dose of overthinking to ensure community members have the support they need to implement some pretty awesome projects and learn just what it takes to build a strengths-based community.

When she’s not facilitating community meetings or emailing you for the gazillionth time this month, you can find her chowing down on some gluten-free almond macaroons or instagramming her cats.


Aiesha White

Aiesha wants to live in a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to do what makes them happy, all children have access to a quality education, and where people of all ages gather on Saturday nights for a game of hide and seek.

As an optimist and lifelong learner in community organizing, policy research, and education reform, Aiesha facilitates community engagement, manages communications and raises awareness for the Strong Cincinnati initiative. She provides a plethora of perspectives and creative analysis to ensure that the unique character and historical nature of neighborhoods are leveraged, and that all voices are heard to showcase a strengths-based community.

When she’s not overloading colleagues with new ideas, seeking out the beauty in the ordinary, or reformatting and streamlining information, you can find her watching horror films or dabbling with a new painting.


Joe Moorman

Joe wants to live in a world where everyone gets to know their neighbors, every kid receives an awesome education, and cheeseburgers are available at every corner.

As a strategy guru with experience in organizational development, urban education, and community engagement, Joe contributes strategic planning, design and facilitation support for the Strong Cincinnati initiative. He adds both creative and operational thinking to ensure the work captures opportunities to break new ground while also staying on track.

When not strategizing and planning for Strong Cincinnati events, Joe can be found petting his dog, playing basketball, or drinking a beer with his fiancée – ideally all three at once.


Shifting culture through strengths in schools, organizations, and communities.

Strong Cincinnati is an initiative of Mayerson Academy. Mayerson Academy deploys strengths-based approaches for shifting culture in schools, organizations and communities across the world.  For more than 25 years, we’ve made it our mission to design and deliver research-based programs that inspire our partners to be at their best.  Since our founding, we have reached more than ½ million students and tens of thousands of educators and community partners across the globe through our efforts.

Find out more about Mayerson Academy and their culture shifting work in schools and organizations at


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