Abandoned Lots to Pocket Parks ties together everything that Madisonville is trying to do. Transforming these lots into beautiful public spaces makes it easier to walk from one end of the neighborhood to the other. It gives us places to make new friends and discover the commonalities upon which a community is grounded.
Luke Brockmeier

Abandoned Lots to Pocket Parks

Project Lead: Alexander Smith

In October, over 100 Madisonville residents gathered to see the unveiling of three newly created green spaces in the neighborhood. These three new spaces were once empty, abandoned lots: two were under-utilized Cincinnati park spaces and one was a privately owned empty lot.  With the help of more than 50 volunteers and the Cincinnati Park Board, project lead Alexander Smith turned each unused lot into a usable pocket park. Each park was uniquely designed to express the character strengths of its surrounding residents with specific strengths painted on the sidewalks surrounding the parks. Madisonville residents have been grateful for the change and have been using the spaces to walk with children, walk dogs and sit on the benches. Community institutions have also agreed to sponsor the upkeep and maintenance of the pocket parks. Alexander is looking for additional grants to help preserve what has been transformed and to further expand the project throughout the community.