August 23, 2016 Strong Cincinnati Contributor

A Strength-based Culture

By Lori Southwood & Sue Hodges Moore

NKUThe NKU Strong Committee at Northern Kentucky University is working with Jillian Darwish and the Mayerson Academy, in partnership with the VIA Institute on Character and the Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation, to develop and implement a strengths-based culture at NKU.

Last year, roughly 2,000 faculty and staff were introduced to their own signature strengths through the VIA Strengths Survey and attended a university-wide staff development day featuring keynote speaker, Michelle McQuaid.

Late last month, nearly 40 campus leaders at NKU participated in the VIA PremierTM workshop, Your Strengths at Work: The Path to Engagement, to identify and leverage character strengths in the workplace. Nearly half of the 40 participants in this year’s workshop became certified VIA Strengths Facilitators, allowing for integration of strengths-based initiatives at all levels of the university.

This year’s workshop was coordinated by NKU’s Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance, Sue Hodges Moore, and Senior Director of Human Resources, Lori Southwood, and led by Fatima Doman, Founder and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage®.

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